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RA SIS started a new examination of a crime report on ‘Mataghis’ case submitted back in 2005

Following the crime report submitted on ‘Mataghis’ case back on December 12, 2005, the Department for Examination of Torture and Crimes against Humanity, RA Special Investigation Service, initiated criminal proceedings under Article 309(2), RA Criminal Code /abuse of official power by use of violence/. Arayik Zalyan was declared a victim under the proceedings. While in its judgment of March 17, … Continue reading

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Y. Sargsyan, defense attorney of a doctor accused of minor Lia Misakyan’s death left the courtroom without waiting for the court’s ruling on challenge of the judge

Արաբկիր-և-Քանաքեռ-Զեյթուն-դատարան (1)On September 5, 2017 a next-in-turn court hearing was scheduled on the case of 2-year-and-3-month-old Lia Misakyan who died in ‘Arabkir’ Medical Center in January 2013, after the RA Cassation Court sent the case to re-examination.

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