About us

IMG_8018Who are we? Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit NGO, which unites individuals who acknowledge the supreme principles of democracy, tolerance, pluralism and human rights as values. The vision of HCA Vanadzor is to form a society based on the supreme values of human dignity, democracy and peace. The mission of HCA Vanadzor is the promotion and support of civil initiatives, strengthening of rights protection and peace-building activities on regional and national levels.

What do we do? HCA Vanadzor functions in the following spheres: protection of human rights, civil initiatives and advocacy, peace-building. In order to implement its activities  HCA Vanadzor carries out  discussions, seminars, public hearings, (joint) public actions, trainings legal actions, civil participation, publications, studies/research, monitoring, lobbying, involvement of mass media, TV and radio discussion and debates.

How to find us? You can visit our office, call, contact via e-mail, send letters to our postal address or let us know about your legal issues through your relatives.

Why to apply us?  If your rights and freedoms were violated by state agencies and you need legal consultancy, do not hesitate to apply to HCA Vanadzor.

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