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Forensic doctor – gynecologist G. Okoyev will also be interrogated in the framework of the death of Vanadzor puerperant

June 20, 2019

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Today, on June 20, 2019, in Lori region General Jurisdiction Court, the defender of Davit Shahverdyan – accused of the death of Vanadzor puerperant – petitioned to interrogate  gynecologist G. Okoyev – member of the commission that conducted forensic expertise. 


During the previous two sessions, again through the petition of the defendant party, forensic expert doctor H. Chakhoyan – member of the same commission – was also interrogated. Defendant D. Shahverdyan and defender A. Voskanyan mentioned that H. Chakhoyan had not answered some of their questions mentioning that only a domain specialist could answer that question and for that reason they petitioned to interrogate the gynecologist who was a member of the commission. 


Having heard the defendant party’s clarifications regarding the questions to be addressed to the domain specialist, the accusing prosecutor G. Manukyan did not object to the petition. The representative of the victim’s successor, HCA Vanadzor lawyer Ani Chatinyan mentioned that the expertise gave exhaustive answers to all the questions and the interrogated expert gave detailed clarifications. A. Chatinyan asked the Court to take into consideration the condition of examining the case within a reasonable timeframe and expressed the opinion that the petitioned should not be satisfied.  


Nevertheless, the Court satisfied the petition.


Okoyev’s interrogation will start on July 2, 2019. 

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