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Conscript recognized fit for military service with limitation without undergoing a proper medical examination

May 12, 2021

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Despite serious health problems, the  conscript was recognized fit for military service with limitations. After HCA Vanadzor addressed letters to the Ministry of Defence, a medical check-up was conducted once again, based on the results of which, the conscript was recognized unfit for military service. 


On 25 August 2020, conscript A.E. applied to HCA Vanadzor, requesting to protect his rights.  


Back in 2017 summer call-up, A.E. got a deferral of three years, as he had a wedge-shaped deformity of vertebrae, thoracic scoliosis, high blood pressure and other health problems.


On the expiry of the deferment, during summer 2020 call-up, Lori regional territorial subdivision medical commission referred him to undergo a health state examination in Erebuni MC, then a check examination by the Central Medical Commission in Natali Pharm LLC. As a result, A.E. was diagnosed with “slight wedge-shaped deformity of the second lumbar spinal vertebra, thoracic kyphosis, thoracic lumbar scoliosis grade 1 slight dysfunction”, as a result of which, during summer 2020 call-up, he was recognized fit for military service with limitation in accordance with the Government’s decision 404, Article 36, point C.


Disagreeing with the results of health state examination and the conclusion of Central Medical Commission, A.E. underwent an MRI examination of the spine at his own initiative. As a result, it turned out that not only had his health state not improved, but it had also deteriorated: 0,5 cm hernia of the lumbar-sacrum section was diagnosed, which is subject to a medical expert review according to the RA Government’s decision 404, Article 16 point B; the conscript is temorarily not fit for military service. 


HCA Vanadzor applied to the RA Minister of Defence to present the conscript for one more health state examination and review the decision on his fitness for military service. 


Only after the letter and demand of HCA Vanadzor, the Ministry of Defence referred A.E. to Yerevan medical center N2 to undergo a check examination, which was conducted during winter 2020 call-up, as summer 2020 call-up had finished. 


As a result, during winter 2020 call-up, A.E. was recognized unfit for military service and was exempted from military service.


We can record that as a result of the improper medical examination implemented during the call-up, the conscript, having serious health problems and factually recognized fit for military service, could have been called to military service; whereas, his health state determined temporary unfitness. 

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