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Agos newspaper addressed the issues of prisoners of war who returned to the RA

January 25, 2023

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Agos newspaper published two articles, addressing mental health problems of prisoners of war who returned to the RA, and the condition that they are forced to continue their compulsory military service.


In the interview given to Agos newspaper, HCA Vanadzor Chairperson Artur Sakunts presented the activity of HCA Vanadzor, and spoke about protection of the rights of persons taken captive as a result of the 44-day and 2-day wars unleashed by the Republic of Azerbaijan, and their families.


Armine Sadikyan, former Coordinator of HCAV Department of Oversight of Defence and Security Sector, presented cases of violations of the rights of prisoners of war who developed mental health problems, consequences of keeping some of them behind bars in the psychiatric institution, and the related legislative gaps, as well as the deplorable conditions in the psychiatric department.


Both articles are available in Turkish here and here.

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