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The serviceman who had health problems was discharged ahead of time with even more complicated problems

February 22, 2019

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Armen Tadevosyan – who had health problems - was conscripted and later operated on twice during the military service due to the support of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor. Months after the conscription, he was discharged ahead of time.


Armen Tadevosyan, who had many health problems, was recognized fit for military service and conscripted during summer 2018 call-up, after which he was taken to hospital. Despite the fact that according to medical documents Armen Tadevosyan’s health problems need urgent solutions, as the new data show, his medical examinations were of formal nature and instead of urgent solution, a scheduled operation was instructed.


The study of the general data shows that there are pathologies of the left ventricle – there is at least moderately expressed disorder of functions of extremities or organs and blood circulation. Moreover, as a result of some examinations, deterioration of health was recorded.  


During October and November, 2018, after HCA Vanadzor applied to the RA Minister of Defense, the serviceman was operated on twice. The first operation was performed on the left side varicocele, the second operation was performed to remove varicose veins of the right lower extremity.


In February, 2019, a decision was made to discharge Armen Tadevosyan ahead of time. He was recognized unfit for military service.


It should be mentioned that HCA Vanadzor learnt about the case through news website.


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