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The Military Prosecutor’s Office will discuss the application to review life-sentenced Artur Kocharyan’s case

January 16, 2020

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By the note dated December 30, 2019, the RA Prosecutor General’s Office sent Arayik Zalyan’s application regarding the review of life-sentenced Artur Kocharyan’s case to the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office. Arayik Zalyan is Artur Kocharyan’s defender in the above-mentioned case and a lawyer at HCA Vanadzor.     


HCA Vanadzor lawyer A. Zalyan applied to the RA Prosecutor General on December 13 just after the Prosecutor General’s Office disseminated an announcement regarding the appealing of judicial acts on 10 participants of the events that occurred after 2008 presidential elections. 


The Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had lodged cassation appeals as a result of examining the judicial acts made on the prima facie violations of conventional rights.


Let us remind that Artur Kocharyan’s defender A. Zalyan applied to the RA Court of Cassation claiming to initiate case review proceedings back in February and May 2019.  The Court of Cassation touched upon the two cassation appeals by one groundless decision not to accept the proceedings of cassation appeals.


The Ministry of Justice, in its turn, refused to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the judges who had made that decision.


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