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The person accused of robbery based on one testimony will be released on bail after one year of detention

December 19, 2018

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Today, on December 19, 2018, RA Lori region General Jurisdiction Court presided by S. Baghdasaryan decided to change the measure of restraint of Hovik Matinyan accused of robbery and applied a bail of 2,000,000 AMD.


Today, the Court was to hear 3 other witnesses invited to the Court by the petition of the defense party, but they did not appear before the Court. The Court will apprehend them.


After the decision of apprehending the witnesses, Hovik Matinyan’s defenders, lawyer A. Mkoyan and HCA Vanadzor lawyer A. Chatinyan petitioned to change the measure of restraint detention and apply a milder measure of restraint, i.e. a signature on not leaving or a bail.


Despite the fact that the accusing prosecutor and the injured party objected to the changing of the measure of restraint, the Court upheld the petition in a decision publicized an hour later. Hovik Matinyan will be released upon paying the bail.

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