Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor


March 29, 2024

Joint | Announcements

To the Prime Minister, the Government, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, the EaP CSF, the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, the embassies operating in the Republic of Armenia, international organizations, the communities in Armenia and the Diaspora, to prevent the screening of the film titled "Anti-Terror" scheduled for March 28, as well as further intensify efforts to return all Armenian and possibly foreign nationals illegally held captive in Azerbaijan in gross violation of the agreements reached. 


Having occupied Artsakh, a republic not recognized by the international community, in September 2023, and having forcibly displaced the entire Armenian population in an act of genocide, Azerbaijan is now putting its propaganda machine into action, grossly violating the fundamental human rights norms, including provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights, international humanitarian law, particularly provisions of the Third Geneva Convention, by airing the trailer of the so-called "Anti-Terror" film, made up on the basis of forced interviews with the captured leaders of the Republic of Artsakh, and scheduled for screening on March 28. 


Among a number of unacceptable and inhumane acts against the victims and prisoners of the 44-day war, which have been condemned by the international community for their cruelty and lawlessness, this act against the kidnapped leaders of Artsakh held captive in Azerbaijan once again reveals the anti-Armenian and anti-human nature of the policy adopted by the dictatorial regime of Azerbaijan. Such actions constitute a direct violation of and disrespect for the core principles of international law. 


Yet another attempt is made to use the vulnerability of the captured persons to mislead the international community and to present the decades-long self-determination and rights protection struggle of Artsakh Armenians against Azerbaijani violence and genocidal threats as terrorism. There are numerous manifestations of manipulating the realities by the leadership of Azerbaijan, one of them being the cancellation of the book presentation on the cultural heritage of Artsakh in Berlin due to threats by Azerbaijan


Based on the above: 

  • We demand that the authorities of the Republic of Armenia take all possible measures to prevent the screening of the film, and to ensure the release of all the prisoners held captive illegally in disregard of all agreements, and the requirements of the International Court of Justice and the ECHR;
  • Welcoming the fact that the European Parliament hosted a conference entitled "Armenian Prisoners of War in Azerbaijan" and adopted a joint resolution, we call on the EaP CSF to also condemn and take measures to prevent the screening of the film "Anti-Terror", and continue to pursue the protection of the rights of Armenian prisoners of war and the humanitarian goal of their immediate return to Armenia; 
  • We urge the European Union, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and the international organizations and embassies accredited in Armenia to condemn the mentioned antihuman actions of the tyrannical regime ruling in Azerbaijan against the Armenian prisoners of war and to take effective measures to protect the rights of the prisoners of war and organize their return as soon as possible.
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