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“Legal Clinic – 2019” participants will provide legal consultation to persons who apply to HCA Vanadzor

July 10, 2019

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“Legal Clinic–2019” 7-month project commenced in February 2019.


Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor has been implementing this project of enhancing the professional capacity of young jurists since 2013. In the frame of the project, around 70 young jurists have been trained. Some of them apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the professional field.  


When applying to “Legal Clinic”, students and graduates of law faculty expect to improve particularly practical skills, since as they say, they have very few opportunities to practically apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in the higher educational institution. In the frame of the “Clinic”, they first have a theoretical stage, where they get knowledge on the human rights and mechanisms of their protection. During “Legal Clinic – 2019”, the participants also acquire knowledge on the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities and persons subjected to domestic violence. 


This year, in the frame of this project, a training on the theme of domestic violence was also conducted by Zaruhi Hovhannisyan, human rights defender, representative of the “Coalition to Stop Violence against Women”.


Nushik Ter-Movsisyan  has participated in “Legal Clinic” for the second time: for the first time, she applied in her fresh year, now she is on the fourth course. The reason for applying to the project for the second time is its efficiency and quality. “It was interesting to understand how the project changed during those years and I can say that the changes are only positive”, says Nushik and adds, “The project gives an opportunity to communicate and work with practical jurists, lawyers”.


Tatevik Antonyan graduated from the university 6 years ago and mentions that she needed to update and recall her knowledge. Not only did she have that opportunity in “Legal Clinic, but she also got new knowledge and managed to apply them in the practical stage. Now she considers herself a more competitive specialist.


Davit Mkrtumyan and Mary Karapetyan are students. They, too, point out the claims made by “Legal Clinic” participants of all years that higher educational institutions give theoretical knowledge and such projects are just a necessity from the point of view of developing the students’ practical skills.


During the practical stage of the project, participants work under the supervision of the lawyers, learn to make legal documents, study the changes in the national legislation, international documents on the human rights, judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. 


The project participants will provide legal consultation to persons who apply to the Organization and will take part in meetings on the human rights and legal consultations in some marzes of the RA. 


Before that, they will provide legal consultations in Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor under the supervision of the practice supervisor.


In order to get a legal consultation, please, visit HCA Vanadzor located on Tigran Mets 59, Vanadzor city, or call 0322 4 22 68, 094 04 22 68 on working days during 9։30a.m.-6։30p.m.


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