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Report on the problems recorded during summer 2023 call-up

August 14, 2023

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On 13 April 2023, by the decision of the RA Government, summer 2023 call-up of the private rank was announced for the period of April 17 until July 31. 


Continuing its activity aimed at protecting the rights of conscripts, HCA Vanadzor observed the process of summer 2023 call-up and recorded issues presented by conscripts who applied to the Organization, as well as persons subject to military enlistment from 1 February 2023 up to 31 July 2023. Follow the link to read all the problems identified during the summer call-up. Below you can read some parts from the report.


Out of 66 conscripts who applied to HCAV,                                                                       


🔘  2 were recognized unfit for military service,

🔘  2 were recognized temporarily unfit for military service,

🔘  5 were granted deferral from the military service for up to 1 year (5 months, 6 months or 10 months),

🔘as a result of appealing the Central Medical Commission’s conclusions on 2 conscripts, a decision was made to consider them for the next, i.e., winter 2023 call-up,

🔘  1 conscript had his permission for being abroad extended in his passport in order to complete his non-formal education,

🔘   11 conscripts did not agree with the results of their health examination and appealed the CMC’s conclusion on being fit for military service.



During the summer 2023 call-up, the number of conscripts who applied to HCAV increased more than twice, the number of citizens subject to military enlistment doubled, while the number of persons registered in the reserve increased more than 6 times. 


For the sake of comparison, it should be noted that a total of 70 conscripts applied to HCAV during winter 2021, summer 2022 and winter 2022 call-ups (14, 31 and 25 conscripts respectively), while 66 conscripts applied only during summer 2023 call-up. Read HCAV’s report to learn more about the causes.

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