December 10, 2021

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We, the undersigned citizens, and organizations, strongly condemn the recently unfolding campaign of hatred and threats against journalist, researcher, head of the “ANI Foundation for Armenian Studies” Tatul Hakobyan and his activities.


The freedom of expression, respect for human dignity, the inviolability of the lawful activities of a journalist are among the pillars of democracy. The protection of those rights and other human rights is enshrined in the Constitution of the RA and other laws, therefore, the state is obliged to ensure their proper realization and protection. The expression of opinions and ideas, the debate and the search for solutions to problems in no way shall be hindered by violence, hate speech, death threat or any other unlawful act. Moreover, impeding or disrupting public debate through violence or threats of violence does not address the issues of the debate.


We call on the authorities of the Republic of Armenia, in a manner prescribed by law, to examine the statement of journalist and public figure Tatul Hakobyan on the death threats, to identify and subject to liability the organizers and implementers of that campaign within the scope of law.


This statement is open for joining. For joining, please, write to the following email address:


  1. Open Society Foundations – Armenia

  2. Transparency International Anticorruption Center

  3. Women’s Support Center

  4. “For Equal Rights” Educational Center

  5. “Article 3” Club

  6. “Asparez” Journalists Club

  7. Law development and Protection Foundation

  8. Public Journalism Club

  9. Women’s Resource Center

  10. Helsinki Citizens Assembly – Vanadzor

  11. “Against Discrimination and for Equality” Coalition

  12. “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO

  13. “Union of Informed Citizens’ NGO

  14. “Investigative Journalists” NGO

  15. Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation

  16. Aliq Media Armenia

  17. “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO

  18. Center for Community Mobilization and Support NGO

  19. “Pink” NGO

  20. Peace Dialogue NGO

  21. Center for Policy Studies

  22. Levon Barseghyan

  23. Davit Melik-Nubaryan

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