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As of 2019, Armenia has fulfilled only 9 out of 15 obligations undertaken in the UN

September 17, 2019

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Ahead of the UN Human Rights Council elections to be held on October 19, 2019, ISHR (International Service for Human Rights) published the list of candidate countries in accordance with the situation of the fulfillment of obligations undertaken in the UN. Candidate countries are Armenia, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Libya, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korea, Sudan, Venezuela. 


Germany is the leader in the list. 


As of 2019, Armenia has fulfilled only 9 out of 15 obligations undertaken. Armenia has fully fulfilled the obligations pertaining to the divisions of treaty ratifications and national human rights institutions. The obligations left unfulfilled are in the divisions pertaining to cooperation with Human Rights Council and support for civil society. 


As of 2019, the image of Armenia’s obligation fulfillment is very similar to the image recorded during the rule of the previous authorities.  


We expect the RA authorities’ practical steps aimed at the change of this image. 


Below we present the situation of Armenia’s obligation fulfillment per obligation.


Cooperation with the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms


Has the State submitted a public pledge on its candidacy in a timely manner? 


Has the State pledged to strengthen Council membership and adherence to membership standards? 

Not fulfilled

Has the State committed to applying objective, human rights-based criteria in addressing situations of concern?

Not fulfilled

Has the State played a leadership role on country situations at the Council?

Not fulfilled

Has the State issued a standing invitation to Special Procedures?


Has the State consistently responded positively to country visit requests (less than 5 outstanding)?


Has the State sent a reply to more than 80% of communications received from Special Procedures?

Not fulfilled

Has the State accepted a high level of UPR recommendations?


Support for civil society and prevention of reprisals


Has the State never been cited in the Secretary General’s report on reprisals?


Has the State spoken out expressing concern about reprisals?

Not fulfilled

 Has the State consistently sponsored Council and Third Committee resolutions on human rights defenders, civil society space and preventing reprisals?

Not fulfilled

Treaty ratification and Treaty Body cooperation


Has the State ratified 10 or more international human rights treaties and protocols?


Does the State have 3 or fewer outstanding Treaty Body reports?


National human rights institutions (NHRIs)


Does the State have an NHRI in conformity with the Paris Principles (A-status)?


Has the State sponsored all Council and General Assembly resolutions on NHRIs?


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