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(English) Updated: Relevant notes are still not made in the military books of war participants

January 30, 2023

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HCA Vanadzor addressed the issue of the relevant notes not being made in the military books of servicemen who participated in military operations back when protecting the rights of servicemen who participated in the April war of 2016. The issue re-emerged after the 44-day war. Over the past years, due to HCAV support, the Ministry of Defence made relevant notes in many servicemen’s military books. 


In August 2022, former serviceman H.G.’s mother applied to HCA Vanadzor, requesting assistance with respect to the fact that no note had been made in her son’s military book about his participation in the military activities. H.G. participated in the 44-day war throughout its whole duration, then was transferred to a different military unit, and was  released early from the military service due to health problems in October 2021. However, the Ministry of Defence made no note in his military book regarding  his participation in the military operations. It was only after HCAV voiced this issue that the serviceman’s mother informed that the relevant note had been made in the military book. Noteworthy, the Ministry of Defence has still not responded to our letter, though the terms established by law for responding to the letter have expired. 


This is just one out of dozens of cases in HCAV’s practice, and this indicates once again that no systemic approach has formed in terms of this issue, either. The competent authorities do not perform their functions properly, notes are made arbitrarily or after additional applications are made, also after HCAV voiced the issue. 


Once again, we appeal to the Ministry of Defence to solve this issue, and to ensure that the relevant notes are made in the military books of servicemen who participated in war operations without bureaucratic hassles and additional applications. It is not only a waste of time and resources for both war participants and state organizations, but also a manifestation of disrespect towards war participants. 


Recording participation in the war is essential for war participants when availing themselves of social services, receiving medical aid, exercising their right to education, and other rights.


If you face a similar situation and need legal aid, contact HCAV at 093 339 441 (also viber) - Armine Sadikyan.


Updated: After this publication was made, on November 9, we received a letter from the Ministry of Defence, stating that the decision had been implemented. 

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