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FREE Hotline to report human rights violations

«Ես հիվանդ չեմ, ես դա արել եմ, որ ուշադրություն դարձնի դատախազը»

March 30, 2020 read more

Corona Should Not Be Used to Restrict Human Rights: Clear End Date and Oversight Essential for Emergency Powers in Hungary. nhc.nl

March 27, 2020 read more

Principles for Protecting Civil and Political Rights in the Fight against Covid-19. freedomhouse.org

March 27, 2020 read more

EIN trains Armenian civil society actors in tackling implementation challenges

March 25, 2020 read more

COVID-19 in closed prisons in the occupied Crimea and Donbas which is under Russia effective control

March 24, 2020 read more

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