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Capacity Building

Milano Declaration Reviving the OSCE Comprehensive Security Concept, Rebuilding Democratic Institutions, Revitalising Resilience of our Societies Adopted by the participants of the OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference 2018 Milano, 5 December 2018

December 20, 2018 read more

The life-sentenced convict was transferred to another penitentiary institution but the previous rejections were refused to be explained

January 9, 2019 read more

Vanadzor 20 librarians litigate the decision of the Council of Elders in the Administrative Court

January 10, 2019 read more

A criminal case was initiated against policemen who beat E. K. –from Gyumri- in the police division

January 8, 2019 read more

The conscripted serviceman with health problems has already been operated on twice with the support of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor

January 8, 2019 read more

Strategic Trials

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