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By 11:15 a.m. ,‘Independent Observer’ Alliance has registered the following violations

September 23, 2018

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The observers of the alliance have registered that there had been a black car without state license numbers in front of 8/40 polling place located in Shengavit No. 75 school since 8 a.m. The men gathered around the car got away from the polling place when they noticed the observer but gathered back shortly afterwards. When the observer informed the head of the commission about it, the latter reprimanded the observer by saying that his behaviour was incorrect and hindered people from voting in a peaceful environment. Moreover, in case of repeated claims, he threatened to make a protocol against the observer.  

In 8/29 polling place located in No. 136 kindergarten of Shengavit community, the windows were ajar and the voting booth was located right in front of the windows. When the observer asked to close the windows, the head of the commission replied that it was a trifle and if the observer went on turning to him ‘on the occasion of every trifle’, he would be asked to leave the polling place. However, due to repeated claims of the observer, the windows were closed.

In 4/20 polling place of Arabkir district, the observers of Independent Observer Alliance noticed that the head of the commission wore ‘Bright Armenia’ Party badge, after which the latter started to repeatedly hinder the work process of the observer. Later, the head of the commission noted in the register that the observers were standing too close to the voting booth and that way hindered the workflow of the polling place. However, the members of the commission did not sign the protocol. Observers, in their turn, wrote their position concerning the protocol, stating that no violation had been made on their behalf.

In 2/4 polling place located in the administrative district of Nor Nork, one of the commission representative members of Civil Contract Party campaigned for My Step Alliance and against Prosperous Armenia Party by discussing some videos aloud. The head of the commission did not register the incident but stopped further propaganda.

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