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Report on Human Rights Situation of Conscripts during Winter (2015) and Summer (2016) Call-ups

December 2, 2016

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Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor hereby presents the data on the human rights violations throughout the winter call-up of 2015 (December 2015 – January-February 2016) and the summer call-up of 2016 (May-July), the legislative gaps and law enforcement issues recorded then.


The report summarizes the information provided by 57 individuals from overseas and RA citizens, namely, conscripts and their families from various RA marzes (regions) and residential areas, particularly Lori, Shirak, Syunik, Gegharkunik marzes and the city of Yerevan, who sought advice with the Organization, and the responses of the Ministry of Defense to relevant inquiries of the Organization. As a comparison, note that the number of citizens having applied to the Organization during the same period last year was 45. This Report features both the systemic problems repeatedly raised and still unsolved so far and specific issues leading to the violation of conscripts’ rights, as well as the issues recorded during the aforementioned call-ups.


We also addressed the legislation on call-ups and fitness for military service and assessed the impact of its gaps and drawbacks in terms of violations of conscripts’ rights.


Report on Human Rights Situation of Conscripts during Winter (2015) and Summer (2016) Call-ups


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