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Guide on military enlistment, conscription, training gatherings

September 12, 2023

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Having studied recent legislative changes, HCAV has prepared “Guide on military enlistment, call-up, medical examination procedures, exemption from military service, deferral grounds, drawing lots for military service location, involvement in military training gatherings, admission to military educational institutions, procedure of appealing decisions issued in the frame of compulsory-term military service call-up”. 


The guide presents rights and obligations of persons subject to military enlistment, conscripts, reservists. 


The guide can be used by the above-mentioned persons and their relatives, as well as all those interested in the sphere.


The guide is subject to updates in line with changes in legal acts. 


It should be noted that HCAV has initiated awareness training courses on rights and obligations of persons subject to military enlistment, conscripts, reservists in different regions of the RA, during which the guide will be presented. Follow HCAV webpage and Facebook page to be updated on the days and places of training courses.

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