Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

Independent Observer Alliance had registered the following violations by 7 p.m.

September 23, 2018

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In 6/51 polling place of Ajabnyak administrative district, Prosperous Armenia Party trustee stood so close to the voting booths that the voting process was visible to him. By the demand of the observers group, a ‘bulwark’ of tables was created and the trustees, observers and commission members stood at the appropriate distance. The incident was registered in the registry. Later, in the same polling place, PAP trustee made a scandal with My Step Alliance trustee. Commission members did not react to the incident in any way. The group of the observers called the police after which PAP trustee was removed.

In 7/38 polling place of Malatia Sebastia administrative district there was a registered case of placing the voting envelope into the ballot box without a stamp. The head of the commission decided to provide the voter with a new ballot form.

In 8/5 polling place of Shengavit administrative district, the head of the district commission tried to hinder the working process of website journalist Diana Davtyan when she tried to talk to My Step Alliance trustee while interviewing the secretary of the commission.

In 2/48 polling place of Nor Nork, PAP trustee communicates with voters, the latter give him some signs after voting. The trustee is very tensed, he often leaves the polling place and talks on the phone.

There were also several registered cases of hindering the working process of observers.

Particularly, in 4/20 polling place of Arabkir administrative district, the head of the commission announced that he would call the police merely because, according to his words, an observer abused his authority and sat on the chair of the commission head. A mobile group was sent and the police was not called by 7 p.m. We will notify about the developments of the case in future information messages.

In 3/19 polling place of Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district, the head of the commission had been keeping an observer in the center of his attention due to his non-standard appearance. The same observer noticed a violation as two people entered the voting booth simultaneously. When the observer tried to register it, the head of the commission did not allow him to do so and continued applying psychological pressure and insulting the observer. Generally, the head of the commission created a situation in which the observer could not continue working and left the polling place.

In 8/29 polling place of  Shengavit administrative district, there was a tense atmosphere created. The head of the commission insulted the observer and then instructed a policeman to demand an explanation from the observer as if he had given a false alarm. According to the instruction of the commission head, the policeman tried to get an explanation from the observer, but the latter refused. The head of the commission created such an atmosphere of threats that the observer was not even able to register violations.

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