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The family of a woman infected with coronavirus is in isolation and has no means of subsistence. Alarm

June 1, 2020

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Today, Yerevan resident S.A. applied to HCA Vanadzor and informed that on  May 22, his wife tested positive for coronavirus, after which their whole family was isolated, but his wife was not receiving any treatment. 


The citizen alarms that after the positive test, it has not been possible to contact any of the competent bodies and now they are in an uncertain situation. The Office of the Commandant did not answer their phone calls, either. After writing to the Prime Minister’s Facebook page, Hakobyan Aelita presented herself as the representative of the Prime Minister’s staff and asked for a phone number to call back. However, she never contacted S.A. 


“If this situation continues, we will not be able to survive, I will have to go out and look for a job”, wrote S.A. in his last message to the Prime Minister’s Facebook page. 


His wife started doubting on having been infected with coronavirus a day before the test, when her temperature was taken. She had a fever of 37 degrees and felt weak.  She was sent home from the workplace. 


Her test was taken in MedLine medical center. For the first three days, the center called three times a day to ask how she felt and to check on her temperature, but after that, no calls have been received. She also applied to the Red Cross and they said that they registered her, but again, they never contacted her. 


Only Muratsan medical center, where their son and daughter are registered, call every day and ask about the children’s temperature, how they feel, and exhort to inform the medical center if the children’s temperature goes up. However, no-one is interested in the health states of S.A. and his wife.


Today, none of the family members is employed, they cannot pay the rent and they have loans. The family has serious social problems of survival. 


Based on the citizen’s alarm, HCA Vanadzor sent a letter to the RA Commandant Tigran Avinyan on the matter of dealing with the alarming citizens’ problem, taking urgent actions necessary in similar situations and eliminating such indifferent and irresponsible working style in the state of emergency.  

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