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Assessment of the RA Government’s actions aimed at reforming, reconstructing and modernizing the Armed Forces (carried out based on information disseminated via news bulletins and official information)

July 5, 2023

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Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor continues following the RA Government’s activities aimed at reforming, reconstructing and modernizing the RA Armed Forces. Since 2021, HCAV has published two reports (click to read the first one and the second one) regarding the priorities established under the RA Government’s five-year program for 2021-2026, in particular, regarding the reforms of the RA Armed Forces. Below you can find summary information from the report compiled in 2023 (click here to read the full report).


The report addresses the activities established under the RA Government’s 2021-2026 five-year program aimed at the reforms and development of the Armed Forces and to what extent they were implemented. Below you can find the activities (click here to read their assessment in the report).


☑️ Essential change in military service terms at the expense of increase in contractual service, gradual shift to a professional army

☑️ Increase of the effectiveness of governance and management of the Armed Forces, implementation of legislative changes aimed at solving national defense issues, review of the Strategy of the RA National Security, development of new military doctrines, introduction of a unified automated governance system.

☑️ Increase of effectiveness by improving organizational and staff structure of the Armed Forces.

☑️ Promotion of the development of the military-industrial complex, modernization of armament and military equipment, increase of military potential due to the development of alliance and partnership relations.

☑️ Strengthening of psychological resilience and preparedness to carry out combat activities, improvement of the practice of military psychologists, improvement of the nature of informative, cultural and recreational activities in the army.

☑️ Increase of material and social safeguards for servicemen, improvement of mechanisms of attractiveness of military service and increasing servicemen’s reputation, programs for providing flats, increase of servicemen’s salaries.

☑️ Improvement of democratic and civil oversight of the Armed Forces, promotion of discipline in the Armed Forces, human rights protection in the Armed Forces, eradication of non-statutory relations.

☑️ Women’s engagement in the RA Armed Forces.

☑️ Increase of the level of security of objects and infrastructure of strategic importance.


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