Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor


The Court will pass a judgment on additional punishment of doctors charged with the death of child Lia Misakyan

September 20, 2018

Legal Support | News

The Court reported that after the resumption of the case, the RA Police Information Center presented an information paper stating that defendants L. Vardanyan and Z. Ayvazyan had not been previously judged. The information paper contained information on the criminal record of this case under Article 130 § 2 of the RA Criminal Code.

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The Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the Administrative Court on the basis of the complaint by the protester

September 13, 2018

Legal Support | News

Yesterday the Administrative Court of Appeal overturned the judgment in part and declared unlawful the actions of the RA Police officers of March 24, 2016, which led to violations of N. Badalyan’s right to freedom of expression and opinion, right to freedom of assembly, right to freedom of movement and her right to personal liberty and security.

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Words of Freedom, Portraits of Hope

December 15, 2017

Peacebuilding | News

With her six mesmerizing painting, Eva Jašková was not only able to show the emotions and hardships of these affected families, but also gave them hope by portraying how life will be when peace eventually also makes its way into their homes. The art works will remain in Jazz Café for the next few days and visitors are welcome any time.

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