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After HCA Vanadzor alarm, coronavirus-infected woman’s family was provided with food and medical control was established

June 2, 2020

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Yesterday, a family applied to HCA Vanadzor and informed that one of its members had tested positive for coronavirus, the family had no means of subsistence in isolation. The family has been provided with food and medical control has been established. 

Tigran Avinyan’s Office informed HCA Vanadzor about this. 

The alarming citizen informed HCA Vanadzor that his wife had tested positive for coronavirus on May 22, after which their whole family was isolated, they could not work and were in a difficult social situation. 

Upon receiving the alarm, HCA Vanadzor immediately applied to the RA Commandant Tigran Avinyan by sending him a letter. 

Today, T. Avinyan’s Office informed HCA Vanadzor on the phone, that they had solved the problem.

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