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HCA Vanadzor conducted its first remote training in the state of emergency

April 20, 2020

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On April 18, HCA Vanadzor conducted its first remote training in the state of emergency. One more training is to be held on April 25 for Kotayk region residents. 


On April 18, the remote training on the rights of conscripts and servicemen was held for Aragatsotn region residents. The training was held by Armine Sadikyan, Coordinator of Peacebuilding Projects of HCA Vanadzor, and Hayk Hakobyan, HCA Vanadzor advocate.  


15 participants of the online training were from Agarak, Talin, Mastara, Iring, Nor Artik, Arteni and Karbi communities of the region.


It should be mentioned that in the frame of both online and offline (face-to-face) trainings, we give the opportunity of participation, in particular, to rural community residents, and if possible, they are prioritised. 


HCA Vanadzor has conducted the series of these trainings in urban and rural areas of different regions of the Republic of Armenia.

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