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How can one apply to state bodies in the state of emergency?

March 27, 2020

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These days people often ask us how they can apply to state structures in the state of emergency.

Below you can find online ways to apply to state bodies.


✅United Platform of Electronic Requests - e-request.am 


Besides sending emails to all the state and local self-government bodies, it is also possible to apply to them through the united platform of electronic requests, i.e. e-request.am. On the official webpages of state and local self-government bodies, there should be a link to the ‘’United Platform of Electronic Requests’’, created and maintained by the RA Ministry of Justice. On ‘’Send an application, request or complaint’’ section of the platform, there should be example forms of applications, requests or complaints (on receiving information electronically as established by the RA legislation) addressed to those who have information and instructions on filling them, software tools of a person’s online identification, as well as a technical ability to certify electronic documents with an electronic digital signature.    


📑Example form of the application, request or complaint, includes


1) applicant’s first and last names (in case of a legal entity, name and location) (mandatory field),

2) location of residence place, workplace or educational institution (address) (mandatory field),

3) citizenship (mandatory field),

4) telephone number,

5) email address,

6) essence of the request (mandatory field),

7) note on the way of receiving a notification.



RA National Security Service

📩 press@sns.am

📩 ta@sns.am

official Facebook page


RA Ministry of Justice 

📩 info@moj.am 


RA Ministry of Defence

📩 modpress@mil.am 

📩 hotline@mil.am 


Human Rights Defender (24-hour work mode)

On working days and hours

☎️call 116

On non-working days and hours

☎️call 096-116-100 


All structural and territorial subdivisions of the RA Prosecutor's Office have temporarily suspended the process of receiving applications, requests, complaints, reports and (or) other letters manually (in paper version) from citizens, non-governmental or other organizations.


You can apply online via e-request platform or at the following emails:


📍RA Prosecutor General’s Office

📩 info@prosecutor.am


📍RA Central Military Prosecutor’s Office

📩 zkd@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Yerevan City

📩 yerevan@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Ararat Region

📩 ararat@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Armavir Region

📩 armavir@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Aragatsotn Region

📩 aragatsotn@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Gegharkunik Region

📩 gegarquniq@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Lori Region

📩 lori@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Kotayk Region

📩 kotayq@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Shirak Region

📩 shirak@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Syunik Region

📩 syuniq@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Vayots Dzor Region

📩 vayotsdzor@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Tavush Region

📩 tavush@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor's Office of Ajapnyak and Davtashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan City

📩 ajapnyak-davtashen@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Avan and Nor Nork Administrative Districts of Yerevan City

📩 avan-nornork@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun Administrative Districts of Yerevan City

📩 arabkir-qanaqer-zeytun@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan City

📩 erebuni-nubarashen@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan City

📩 kentron@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Malatia-Sebastia Administrative District of Yerevan City

📩 malatia-sebastia@prosecutor.am


📍Prosecutor’s Office of Shengavit Administrative District of Yerevan City

📩 shengavit@prosecutor.am


📍Yerevan Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office 

📩 yerevani-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Goris Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office

📩 gorisi-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Lori Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office 

📩 loru-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Sevan Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office 

📩 sevani-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Shirak Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office 

📩 shiraki-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Yeghegnadzor Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office 

📩 yeghegnadzori-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Garrison № 1 Military Prosecutor’s Office

📩 tiv-1-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Garrison № 2 Military Prosecutor’s Office

📩 tiv-2-kayazor@prosecutor.am


📍Garrison № 3 Military Prosecutor’s Office

📩 tiv-3-kayazor@prosecutor.am


To get clarifications on the aforementioned, you can call at (+347 10) 511 527.

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