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Salaries of employees of organizations funded by the state budget to be fully compensated in the state of emergency

April 9, 2020

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Will the salaries of all the employees of educational institutions be fully paid during the state of emergency?

Which legal act regulates organization of work and payment of salaries during the state of emergency?👇


On March 30, 2020, HCA Vanadzor applied to Arayik Harutyunyan, RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, in order to get the answer to this question.


The questions concerned the organization of work and remuneration of both pedagogical, as well as administrative, educational support and operational staff.


In response, the Minister stated that according to the announcement made  by the RA Prime Minister in the NA, salaries of employees working in organizations funded by the state budget would be fully compensated.   


In regard to the legal act, the Minister informed that the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs developed and urgently put into circulation a draft of relevant amendments to the Code in order to determine certain peculiarities of organization of work in the context of the state of emergency, as well as to enshrine legal regulations of joint application of legal regulations established by the RA Labor Legislation.   


If accepted, the draft will have a retroactive effect since March 16.



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