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Strategic Communication Capacity Building of CSO sector in Armenia

December 24, 2021

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The Public Journalism Club, in collaboration with Open Society -Armenia Foundations led Consortium, comprised of Helsinki Citizens& Assembly-Vanadzor (HCAV), Protection of Rights Without Borders (PRWB), aims to contribute to the integrity of justice sector reform and improve the accountability, transparency, and oversight of the Justice System by Within the joint initiative, PJC will be implementing strategic communication capacity building actions in 36 months, starting from 12.01.2021. Capacity and awareness-building activities, 4 rounds of an Accelerator Lab Course development and its implementation on strategic communication for NGOs, development of an online educational platform on strategic communication for civil society, and many more activities are going to take place.


  1. Objectives of the action are:


  • To capacitate communication skills and build skills in strategic communication of civil
  • society actors, as well as students, envisioning their career in the nonprofit sector with a focus on human rights and justice through:
  • Establishment of an Accelerator Lab educational center, that will consist of 4 rounds of 2 months courses.
  • Creation of an online educational portal on strategic communication for the civil society sector of Armenia.
  • Mentorship scheme of trainees in capacity building of strategic communication and digital communication skills.


  1. Deliverables/Outputs

Accelerator Lab

Thematic focus: Strategic Communication, Development of Strategic Communication skills, Implementation of Strategic Communication and Communication for social change.


  • Development of curricula and modules for Accelerator lab course (consisting of 10 online webinars, each for 4 hours, and 2 offline one-day workshops for 10 participants in each course). Sessions may include, but are not limited to:
    • Introduction to strategic comms
    • Developing strategic comms and assignments for participants.
    • Narrative and framing: Hope-based comms
    • Campaigning for social change
    • Community organizing and base building
    • Target audience messaging and persuasion.
    • Etc.
  • Conduction of webinars per course (in total 24 webinars by international trainers).
  • Development of online educational curricula, consisting of 12 video lectures, echoing Accelerator Lab course, each from 10-15 min length; Delivery of 12 video lectures.
  • Development of content for online educational portal, that will be supporting video lectures.
  • Mentorship and consultancy of trainees in their individual projects’ development process.

Two rounds of workshops for Consortium members on Strategic Communication.

  • Development of one and half-day workshop curricula and modules for 12 participants and conduction of the workshop in February 2022.
  • Conduction of one-day workshop in Armenia for 12 participants in 2023.

Other details:

  • Accommodation and travel expenses and meal costs will be covered by Public Journalism Club (PJC).
  • English-Armenian-English translation will be provided by PJC.
  • A video production of the online platform’s lectures will be organized by PJC, via Zoom, or other video conferencing services.
  1. Payment details.

Expert payments scheme is a subject of negotiations.

  1. Qualifications and experience required
  • Relevant educational degree․
  • Relevant training/teaching qualification,
  • At least 5 years of extensive experience in capacity-building activities aimed at the development of communication and strategic communication skills.
  • Quality presentation skills
  • Experience in working with the civil society sector and governments.
  1. Required documentation and application procedures

Interested individuals/experts/companies with required qualification should submit their proposal/application by December 31, 2021.

The proposal/application should include:

  1. Financial proposal.
  2. Proposal, including educational resources curricula concept, as well as tools and techniques to be applied.
  3. CV(s) outlining previous qualifications.
  4. Portfolio of past services and experience.

If you have any questions on preparation of the Proposal, please contact Seda Muradyan at

Please send your application packages to

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