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Who is liable for 86 death cases recorded in the army within a year? How to deter non-combat death cases?

January 18, 2024


Defence Ministers and governments change, but murders caused by non-statutory relations in the army continue. Moreover, human rights defenders are concerned over the increase in the number of death cases in non-combat conditions. According to them, 75 servicemen died in 2023.


Death cases of servicemen have already been recorded in early 2024. Bodies of contractual servicemen Karen Karapetyan and Mikayel Danielyan were found in combat positions. Criminal proceedings were initiated into both cases. The third case was the death of a serviceman serving compulsory military service, which, according to the official version, happened as a result of an avalanche . 


Exactly one year ago, on January 19, 15 servicemen died as a result of fire in Azat village. As previously, the RA military political leadership has ordered the command staff to take measures to eliminate such cases.


Will these directives play a role in practice, why do death cases in non-combat conditions continue in the RA Armed Forces and who is responsible?



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