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HCA Vanadzor annual report – 2019

April 28, 2020

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HCA Vanadzor presents 2019 annual report on its activity. 


The report includes all the actions implemented in the frame of all the projects of HCA Vanadzor and the relevant results. 


The reports of previous years are available HERE.


In 2019, HCA Vanadzor provided free of charge legal consultation in oral and written procedures to 1236 citizens.


HCA Vanadzor conducted 144 strategic litigation cases. As of 2019, the Organization had 31 complaints submitted to the ECtHR. Violated rights of more than 250 citizens' were restored with our legal aid.


300 persons participated in awareness trainings on conscription and military service held in 8 regions of the RA. 


120 legislative proposals aimed at the protection of human rights were presented on 8 draft legislations. 4 of them were accepted, 4 were partly accepted, 10 proposals were not accepted. The other drafts are in the development stage.


In 2019, 96 observers were involved in the frame of the observation mission of local self-government bodies’ elections.


Below you can find public awareness raising actions and their results, as well as other activity details. 



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