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10 years later, Police inaction recognized illegal in the case of HCA Vanadzor office attack

March 7, 2022

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Administrative Court of Appeals recognized illegal inaction of the Police during the rally against screening of Azerbaijani films in HCA Vanadzor in 2012.


On February 28, 2022, the RA Administrative Court of Appeals, presided by Rustam Makhmudyan, upheld HCA Vanadzor representative advocate Karen Tumanyan’s appeal, and overturned the RA Administrative Court’s judgment of May 7, 2020. 


The incident took place 10 years ago. On 16 April 2012, a rally took place in Hayk Square in Vanadzor, after which, the rally participants marched towards HCA Vanadzor office working territory in Tigran Mets 59, Vanadzor.


It is noteworthy that high-ranking officials of Lori regional and city authorities, as well as persons related to them, including members of the Republican Party and Armenian Revolutionary Federation party participated in the rally.


Aggressive calls, content and nature of public statements preceding the assembly, positions of persons who signed, as well as incidents taking place during the rally showed that it was planned and organized by the authorities, and that it took place with the consent of acting law enforcement bodies.


The Administrative Court, presided by judge Arshak Alaverdyan, rejected the application lodged by HCA Vanadzor on 15 May 2012, after examining it for 8 years.  Despite the video recordings, the Court did not find it confirmed that the Police had not taken measures to prevent illegal actions of assembly participants. 


The Appeal Court found that a few policemen that were near the Organization’s office during that action should have taken measures to prevent or at least correct actions of the assembly participants, when they were throwing stones and other items at the office.


The video recordings obviously show that the policemen did not take any measures. It was also confirmed by the service investigation materials.

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