Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

HCA Vanadzor continues protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms in cases of war crimes

January 19, 2023

Project։ Protection of the rights of conscripts and servicemen | European Court of Human Rights

For almost 25 years, HCA Vanadzor has been engaged in human rights protection. Targets of the Organization are also persons - including civilians - affected by war crimes.


Following the war unleashed by the Republic of Azerbaijan against the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia on 13-15 September 2022, the Organization’s lawyers conducted a fact-finding mission in 5 communities of 3 regions of the RA, and collected testimonies on violations of human rights. As a result, the lawyers lodged 14 applications with the European Court of Human Rights on account of violations of the right to property, and the right to respect for private and family life. 


During and after the war, the Organization implemented protection of the rights of captives and family members of alleged captives in the ECHR. In particular, in the frame of Rule 39 of the Rules of Court, 4 applications were lodged with the court to use an interim measure, of which Azerbaijan confirmed the captivity of only 1 serviceman, who was later returned to the RA.

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