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HCA Vanadzor received a phone call from a Russian number and threats were addressed to A. Sakunts for speaking about Putin

March 20, 2020

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Today, HCA Vanadzor received a phone call from a man calling by a Russian number and the latter asked the legal advisor in a threatening tone, ‘Is this Soros’s agents’, Sakunts’ office? Then where is he?’. After the legal advisor’s answer that it was HCA Vanadzor office, the man addressed threats and abusive expressions to A. Sakunts for speaking about Putin. 


Today, HCA Vanadzor presented a crime report to E.Martirosyan, Director of RA NSS, to discover the caller, hold him liable and take safety measures for HCA Vanadzor and A.Sakunts. 


The full report is presented below (in Armenian).


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