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It is now possible to get new generation cash register devices from private organizations

August 4, 2020

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Recently, entities have been frequently applying to HCA Vanadzor and stating that months ago they applied to get new generation cash register devices, but have not got one so far, and that they can not work with the old ones, as they are out of circulation. Now they are in an uncertain situation. The economic entities wanted to know not only the timeframes of getting the devices, but also the possible negative consequences in case of their absence. 


Based on the alarm of one of the economic entities that applied to HCA Vanadzor, on 2 July 2020, the Organization applied to the RA State Revenue Committee.


On July 21, S. Hambardzumyan, Head of “Cash register introduction office” SNPO of the State Revenue Committee, responded that according to the decision made by the RA Government in 2017, the SNPO provides cash register devices only to the taxpayers registered and factually functioning in border villages.


And private organizations provide cash register devices to other taxpayers. 4 organizations have already received a relevant conclusion from the Government regarding the organization of that process.


Those organizations are: Smart Solutions LTD (tel․ 060 40 00 05), Inntech LTD (tel․ 060 50 50 70), Doktechnik LTD (tel․ 010 52 59 93, 010 56 67 81, 091 00 09 28, 091 00 09 25), Toch-Master LTD (tel․ 060 50 60 27).


The Head of the SNPO referred to the relevant division on the website of the State Revenue Committee in order to get information on cash register devices.


With regard to prepayments made for new cash register devices, they are subject to return. To get the prepaid money back, it is necessary to present an application, payment receipt, state register certificate and a copy of the passport or ID card to the SNPO. 


The application form is available on the website of the State Revenue Committee.


The State Revenue Committee does not conduct supervision over the prices of cash register devices, as it is within the powers of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition.

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