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Vanadzor MC employees are interrogated on the case of the death of a birth-giving woman in Vanadzor

October 11, 2018

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On October 10, 2018, witnesses in the death case of birth-giving woman Hripsime Nazlukhanyan in Vanadzor, Vanadzor MC employees Aram Avalyan and Lusine Kalashyan were interrogated in Lori region General Jurisdiction Court.


It should be reminded that Vanadzor MC senior obstetrician-gynecologist Davit Shahverdyan is charged with the death of the woman in childbirth. He is charged under Article 130 point 2 of the RA Criminal Code: failure to implement or improper implementation of professional duties which resulted in a patient’s death. The interests of the victim’s successor are presented in the Court by HCA Vanadzor lawyer Ani Chatinyan.


Some of the summoned witnesses again did not appear before the Court. The Court decided to apprehend them and send a letter to the Police in order to find out Gayane Gasparyan’s and Aytsemik Ohanyan’s residence places and will notify them once more.   


Vanadzor MC obstetrician Lusine Kalashyan, who was present during the childbirth of Hripsime Nazlukhanyan, was the first to be interrogated. Despite the fact that the witness first announced that it had been a long time since the incident and she did not remember details, she still told some episodes of the incident in a detailed way. She then answered the Court’s and the sides’ questions.


It is noteworthy that when Prosecutor G. Manukyan asked when, according to her, the birth-giving woman died, she answered, ‘Almost an hour after being brought to the operating room at 10:40 p.m’. Earlier, Hripsime Nazlukhanyan’s mother and mother-in-law told their doubts that Hripsime had died earlier than they were informed.


In response to the questions of the representative of the victim’s successor, HCA Vanadzor lawyer Ani Chatinyan, when naming those who were present at the childbirth, she did not mention Davit Shahverdyan’s name. However, when Ani Chatinyan asked a specifying question, she said that D. Shahverdyan was also present at the childbirth.


In her testimony, Lusine Kalashyan mentioned that in her view, Hripsime had lost 400-450 ml of blood, which is an alarming number.


Later, in his testimony, head of Vanadzor MC obstetrics department Aram Avalyan said that blood transfusion is made in case of losing 2000 ml of blood.


He said that on the day when the incident occurred, he was called and asked to come when he was on his way to Yerevan. He hurried to the MC right away, but the birth-giving woman had already died.


In response to the sides’ questions, he said that not all doctors of the obstetrics department make operations, only he and Davit Shahverdyan do. In case one of them is absent, the other one is invited to make an operation.


The witnesses stated that Davit Shahverdyan continues working in Vanadzor MC despite the fact that in November 2017, the body conducting the proceedings made a decision to terminate  his authorizations.


The court session finished at that point. The next court session is scheduled at 2:00 p.m. in November 2018. The Court will continue hearing the witnesses.

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