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On the local government elections process in Vagharshapat and Hrazdan towns

October 22, 2018

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As recorded until 1:00 p.m.



The main violations recorded in Hrazdan town are as follows:

  • in some polling stations, community head candidate Sevak Mikaelyan’s two proxies were present at the same time
  • there were recorded cases of crowds, including district authorities, gathered around the polling stations


The main violations recorded in Vagharshapat are as follows:

  • cases of voters’ relocations were recorded in some polling stations
  • attempts were made to hinder the free movement of observers in some polling station
  • in one polling station, summary protocols were signed in advance
  • campaign posters were noticed fixed on unspecified places and on cars near polling stations


In both Hrazdan and Vagharshapat towns, there were a few recorded cases when a registered helping person entered the voting booth without the voter and voted instead of him/her without consulting with the latter.

Article 67 point 9 of the RA Electoral Code defines that ‘ The voter who is not able to fill the ballot paper by himself, having notified the commission chairman, has the right  to invite to the booth a person who is not a member of the electoral commission, a proxy, an observer, a mass media representative, a visitor. A person has the right to help only one voter who is not able to fill the ballot paper by himself. Besides the mentioned case, while filling the ballot paper, the presence of another person in the voting booth is prohibited’.


As recorded until 5:00 p.m.


Independent Observer Alliance recorded the following situation in 38 polling stations observed:

  • In 6 polling stations observed, 2 proxies of the same candidate were present.
  • In 1 polling station, campaign materials were recorded.
  • In 24 polling stations there were recorded cases when a voter was not registered in the polling station, which indicates the fact that voters were not informed about the location of their voting.
  • Cases of familiarizing with voter lists and transferring this information to other persons were recorded in 4 polling stations and were done by Sevak Mikaelyan’s proxy in Hrazdan town, by Diana Gasparyan’s, Vahe Movsisyan’s, Suren Muradyan’s proxies in Vagharshapat town.
  • In 5 polling places observed, there were cases of voting outside the voting booth which were reasoned by weak lighting behind the voting booth.
  • In 7 polling places observed, there were cases when there was more than 1 person simultaneously  present in the voting booth, mainly elderly people
  • In 4 polling places observed, there were recorded cases of voters taking photos of the ballot paper.
  • In 18 polling places observed, there were recorded cases of persons not wearing their badges visibly.



  • In 14/11 polling station of the RA Armavir region Vagharshapat town, there were a few cases recorded when the filled ballot paper was photograhped, the photos were deleted at the request of an observer.
  • In the same polling station it was recorded that there was a signature in front of the data of a person who was not present in the Republic of Armenia. It was discovered by that person's brother who had come to the same polling station to vote.
  • In 14/12 polling station, D. Gasparyan's proxy hindered the Independent Observer Alliance observer in the implementation of his right to film the process of voting by pushing him and  exhorting not to film. It is particularly noteworthy that this proxy did not wear his badge in accordance with the established order, it was not visible.


In 26/17 polling station of Hrazdan town, observers wanted to take a photo of the registry.


Sevak Mikaelyan's proxy hindered the work of the electoral commission and also did not allow observers to take a photo and familiarize with the registry. An observer referred to the relevant article of the RA Electoral Code, but his demand was again rejected. Head of Central Electoral Commission was informed about this situation, called the head of the polling station electoral commission and exhorted to allow the observer to take a photo of the registry. However, Sevak Mikaelyan's proxy and commission members present in the voting room did not believe that CEC head called them and started to threaten the observers saying that they would make them leave the room by voting, since, according to the commission members they had started to behave badly.


In 14/07 polling station of Ejmiatsin, there was a recorded case of electoral violation as a voter had two ballot papers while voting. Mobile observer Artur Sakunts told 'First Armenian' about this.


When they tried to clarify from the voter how he got two ballot papers, he said that the commission member had given them to him, however, the commission member refused and said that he had given only one ballot paper.


Daniel Ioannisyan, project coordinator of 'Union of Informed Citizens' NGO, wrote on his facebook page, 'In Solak village of Kotayk, until 12:20 p. m., 9 percent of the voters voted with a helping person, 9 percent'.


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