Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

Independent Observer Alliance had registered several violations by 2:15 p.m.

September 23, 2018

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In 6/26 polling place of Ajabnyak administrative district, Prosperous Armenia Party trustee did not wear his badge but held it in his hands, instead. To the appropriate request of the head of the commission, the trustee replied that ‘he was not a guy who wears a badge’. When the observer turned to him with the same demand, the latter threatened by saying, ‘I will break your glasses’. A protocol was made on the incident, there are videos and photos proving it. The observers also noticed that the same person left the polling place from time to time, walked around it, welcomed voters and talked to them.

In 4/1 polling place of Arabkir administrative district, an unknown person had been leading voters since early morning until a policeman made him leave the polling place. Later, the same person returned stating that he was a candidate and that the territory belonged to him. The head of the commission warned him that his presence at the polling place lasted too long and demanded him to leave.

In 10/8 polling places of Erebuni administrative district, two persons presenting themselves as ‘Rapid response group of lawyers and psychologists’ entered the polling place early in the morning, examined the area for a few minutes and left. Later, they again tried to enter the polling place, but the head of the commission did not allow them to do so. The incident was registered in the registry, as there is no group officially credited with that name.

In 9/2 polling place of Nork Marash administrative district, 3 members of Prosperous Armenia Party treated the commission members to food. Later, a minor child entered the polling place and brought food. He was accompanied to the polling place by one of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation members.

In 9/55 polling place of Kentron administrative district, a man entered the polling place and asked who were the representatives of ARF Party. The observer noticed that one of the ARF members of the commission left the polling place with that man and received money from him. The observer informed the head of the commission about it but the latter refused to register the incident.

4/29 polling place of Arabkir administrative district is located on the ground floor of the entrance and there was a poster of Luys Alliance on the entrance wall. The head of the commission was informed about it, after which the poster was removed and the incident was registered.


Overall, out of 95 observed electoral preceints, 17 were totally inaccessible. In 8 of the observed preceints, there was a policeman present during the commission session in the polling place.

In 4 electoral preceints, the ballot of the functions of the commission members was conducted with violations.

The commission session procedure was either not adhered to or partially organized in 10 polling places.

Prior to the start of voting, there were various problems in 9 observed polling places.

The distribution of Independent Observer Alliance observers is shown on the map. The preceints where violations were registered are marked in red.

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