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Legal Clinic 2022 was launched

July 13, 2022

Legal Clinic | News

Legal Clinic 2022 is being conducted among participants of previous phases to deepen their knowledge particularly regarding the human rights mechanisms in the European Court of Human Rights.


Legal Clinic 2022 was launched on June 1 and will continue till November 1, 2022. 10 participants from Lori, Shirak, Ararat regions and Yerevan are involved in this phase of the project.


The trainings will be held by experts Ara Ghazaryan, Karen Tumanyan, Araks Melkonyan, Hasmik Harutyunyan, Davit Gyurjyan and Genya Petrosyan.


 Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor has been conducting the programme since 2013. More than 100 lawyers have been trained in the frame of the programme, and some of them successfully use the knowledge acquired in their professional sphere.


Taking into account the opinions of the Legal Clinic graduates and evaluating the results they have reached, the curriculum of this phase has been developed to deepen the participants’ knowledge and form narrow professional skills, particularly regarding the procedures of applying to the European Court of Human Rights.  


That is why this time the project is being implemented not for students, but rather, for participants trained in the frame of Legal Clinic in recent years to provide them with advanced training of human rights and freedoms. The selection of the above-mentioned topics was aimed at raising awareness about human rights violations, the  relevant practice of the European Court of Human Rights, and the existing issues.  


The advanced theoretical stage mainly concerns the mechanisms and peculiarities of protecting specific human rights, all the possible ways of protecting those rights and development of the relevant tactics. During the next practical stage, the participants will work with the experts involved in the project on the procedures of preparing an application to the European Court of Human Rights. 



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