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Key amendments made to the Labor Code

July 10, 2024

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Under the law adopted by the RA National Assembly on 3 May 2023, a number of amendments and addenda were made to the RA Labor Code, after which certain amendments were made on 22 October 2023 and 22 May 2024.


  • Initiation of labor relations and formulation of workplace has been specified.

  • Maximum duration of work hours for employees under 18 has been reduced. 

  • Regulations concerning representatives of workers have been reviewed.

  • Regulations concerning decision-making about declaring a strike have been amended.

  • Regulations pertaining to concurrent jobs have been clarified.

  • Regulations on termination of the employment contract at the initiative of an employee have been changed.

  • The preemptive right to stay employed in case of job cuts has been established.

  • Grounds for termination of an employment contract at the employer’s initiative.

  • Addenda have been made to the grounds for terminating an employment contract based on loss of trust in an employee.

  • Addenda have been made to grounds for allowing overtime work.

  • Regulations of paid annual leave have been reviewed.

  • The practice of internship has been introduced.

  • The regulation on the additional break provided every 3 hours for nursing women has been reviewed.

  • An addendum has been made to the regulation on prohibition of employment of persons under 18.


About the addendums HERE.

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