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The main problems in the protection of labor rights according to the cases conducted by HCA Vanadzor

March 23, 2020

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After the declaration of a state of emergency in Armenia, the issue of labor rights protection became urgent. 


Information on labor rights violations by employers was disseminated on the internet.  


Let us recall what problems we have recorded in the frame of 18 cases conducted by HCA Vanadzor as of 2019. 


According to those cases, the main problems leading to labor rights violations  are as follows: manifestation of discrimination with the knowledge of the employer, ungrounded dismissals of employees, application of ungrounded disciplinary penalties, incommensurate remuneration, incorrect calculation of wages, not doing a final settlement, not notifying before the termination of employment contract in the established procedure, not compensating for the damage to the employee’s health. 


As a result of this analysis, HCA Vanadzor identified legal problems and presented recommendations on solving them.


  1. Restore the State Labor Inspectorate and provide it with broad legal levers and a sufficient toolkit to conduct a full oversight over the fulfillment of labor legislation requirements,  
  2. Prohibit all manifestations of discrimination on a legislative level, 
  3. Establish legal guarantees to protect ungrounded illegal persecutions by the employer against the employee who speaks up about the employer’s illegal actions,
  4. Establish an independent body providing legal and psychological aid to victims of discrimination in employment relations.


Let us remind that in the created situation, in case of violations of labor rights, you can contact Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor at


Sofya Petrosyan
️ 077-930-579 (also viber, signal)


 Samson Galstyan
️ 041102324

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