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Report on Police Officers’ Illegal Actions in Marts Village of Lori Province

September 30, 2021

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Thus, analysis of the Ford car accident and the police actions following the accident shows that


  • The police officers did not manifest the necessary professional skills to correctly assess the possible consequences and justification degree of the chase, thus creating emergency situations and threats to the life of the village children;

  • The police officers did not manifest the necessary professional skills in dealing with persons in an emotionally tense state;

  • Not only was those persons’ right to medical aid not ensured, but it was also hindered;

  • Actions and measures of investigation bodies were accompanied by gross violations of RA legislation;

  • The police officers seized the residents’ belongings;

  • In the police division, those persons were tortured, subjected to violence, psychological pressure, threats, intimidation and swear words, in order to extort testimony;

  • Natural flow of life was compromised in Marts village: the residents, including children, are in a grave mental state, they live in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty and are afraid to speak up about illegal actions done to them by “law enforcement bodies”.


We call on the competent authorities to stop illegal actions and intimidations against RA citizens; immediately institute criminal cases against officers who used violence; respect human dignity and act exclusively in the frame of law; take measures to restore mental balance of Marts village residents; provide psychological support to minor children and persons directly affected by police officers’ illegal actions, as well as their relatives, as necessary; ensure the relevant atmosphere and conditions for citizens to exercise their right to report, complain and give testimony  regarding illegalities and violence used against them, without fear.


Read the full report HERE

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