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‘‘I’ve always said that the Russian base cannot be a guarantor of security’’, Artur Sakunts.

December 12, 2018

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HCA Vanadzor chairman, prominent human rights defender Artur Sakunts touched upon the scandalous case of a woman who died in Gyumri as a result of beating. Let us recall that on December 2, in Slabodka district of Gyumri, a 57-year-old woman was severely beaten and died on the way to hospital. A Russian serviceman was arrested in a murder case.


Artur Sakunts made a post, ‘‘I’ve always said that the Russian base cannot be a guarantor of security. There is no mechanism of control by the government of the Republic of Armenia over the situation in the Russian base. So, let the Russian Federation embassy say a word now’’.


Let us inform that the beaten woman was Julieta Ghukasyan who was a resident of Ajemyan 26, Gyumri.


According to, she was registered in the housing department of Gyumri municipality and did street cleaning work.


‘‘We were also informed that some shots of the cameras controlling Vardan Ghukasyan’s mansion were attached to the case. As our law enforcement systems say, it can be seen in the shots how the woman walks quietly when the young man approaches her. According to the same source, the camera shots also show how the young man severely beats particularly the woman’s face’’, the source mentioned.

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