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October 10 is World Mental Health Day

October 10, 2023

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Mental health is a universal human right. In this context, the state has an unequivocal role and obligation to safeguard every person’s right to mental health and opportunity to live a decent life. 


 There are still no services available in Armenia that would contribute to mental health maintenance and every person’s complete inclusion in society. Persons with mental health problems continue facing discrimination. Moreover, despite obligations undertaken by the state, the RA legislation and mental health system in general have not undergone essential reforms:


  • Persons with mental health and intellectual problems can be recognized incapacitated, in a manner prescribed by the RA legislation, by being deprived of the opportunity to exercise their rights; 


  • Mental health services remain centralized in psychiatric and care institutions. Due to lack of accessible, affordable, human rights-based community services, persons with mental health problems live in those institutions, where human rights are violated, and prevention of those violations is impossible. 


  • Due to the lack of services rejecting compulsory treatment means, persons with mental health problems and the medical community often face the issue of involuntary hospitalization and treatment.


These universal issues have been compounded  by the negative impact of the war on the mental health of war participants and community in Armenia. Timely, literate and effective psychological support provides an opportunity to prevent the deepening of psychological problems.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. This day is a reminder that all people are equal before law and should have equal opportunities.


HCAV draws the state’s attention to the urgency of making efforts aimed at overcoming issues in this sphere by guaranteeing participation of persons with mental health problems in the process of protecting their rights, as well as targeted and effective use of financial means  allocated for reforms.

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