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Mental health in detention: meeting in Copenhagen

November 17, 2023

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In November 2023, Sara Ghazaryan, HCA Vanadzor Department of Monitoring of Social and Health Services specialist,  participated in the sixth regional meeting of national preventive mechanisms and civil society organizations organized by the Council of Europe and OSCE/ODIHR in Copenhagen. The meeting was dedicated to mental health in detention.


Ghazaryan presented activity of the Group of Observers monitoring care institutions, legal regulations thereof, its function mandate, as well as the need for and advantage of more safeguards for human rights protection in places of detention. Ghazaryan further specifies that in addition to the national preventive mechanism, an independent monitoring resource, i.e.,the Group acts in the country, ensuring an opportunity to have more in-depth studies of specific rights and an additional mechanism of cooperation with international organizations.


On the second day of working discussion, Ghazaryan presented HCA Vanadzor advocacy for the establishment of the Group, mechanisms of cooperation with international organizations based on reports of the Group. Currently HCA Vanadzor is conducting a strategic litigation, which will ultimately lead to case law formation. The Organization also cooperates with the relevant agencies for the development and implementation of strategic documents. 


All participants highlighted the need for consistency and determination, publication of reports and ensuring that persons deprived of liberty have access to those reports in order to reach changes in the sphere of mental health in detention. 

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