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Only after HCAV intervention are notes about participation in military operations made in military records of a number of servicemen who have participated in military operations

July 22, 2022


Both after the 4-day war of 2016 and 44-day war of 2020, a number of servicemen who participated in military operations continue facing the issue of the RA MoD Conscription and Mobilization Service not making the relevant records in their military record books.


HCAV continues protecting the rights of conscripts, and servicemen, raising awareness, and restoring their violated rights. 


On 27 June 2022, S.H. and E.H. applied to HCA Vanadzor, presenting their issue related to the lack of notes in their military record books on having participated in military operations. The Organization applied to the RA MoD regarding the relevant note to be made in their military record books.


In response to HCAV’s letter, on 14 July 2022, the RA Ministry of Defence gave instructions to various bodies functioning under the MoD, and the appropriate notes will be made in their military record books only due to HCAV’s legal support.


HCAV has many times addressed the issue of the lack of relevant notes  - that should be made in the established manner - in military record books of compulsory-term servicemen, reservists and volunteers, who participated in the war and, in many cases, also got injured. It is noteworthy that the problem mainly gets a solution after HCAV presents the relevant substantiations and letters to the RA Ministry of Defence. 


Since 2016, 21 servicemen have applied to HCAV with this issue. HCAV provided legal support to them. Only after the Organization sent letters to the RA MoD, were the relevant notes made in the military record books of 7 servicemen who had participated in military operations. The other cases are underway. 


There are also cases when no notes were made in the military record book since no facts and substantiations were preserved with respect to participation in military operations during a specific period, while the Ministry of Defence argued that the mentioned servicemen had not participated in military operations, but were on military duty.


The unscrupulous working style of the competent authorities, as well as improper implementation of the state’s obligations towards servicemen is evidenced by the fact that the issue of making a relevant note in the military record book of a serviceman who has participated in military operations is not solved by the RA MoD Conscription and Mobilization Service, but instead, the serviceman has to apply to legal organizations, courts, etc., and go through various procedures to have the issue solved. And though two years have passed since the 44-day war of 2020, there are still servicemen who were demobilized without the appropriate notes in their military record book despite having participated in combat operations.

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