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A criminal case initiated based on HCAV report on use of violence against demonstrators and reporters

May 23, 2022

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On 16 May 2022, the RA Anti-Corruption Committee initiated a criminal case based on HCAV report on the use of violence against demonstrators and reporters. 


On 2 May 2022, HCAV made a report to the RA Prosecutor General  based on the following videos: The policeman punches the demonstrator in the head, The policeman in black uniform beats the demonstrator/Head of Patrol-Guard Service hits the operator , How the policeman hits citizens being apprehended, The policeman hits the demonstrator, The Police use brute force, The Police apprehend citizens from Khorenatsi street in an attempt to open the road, The Policemen use disproportionate force and  hinder the activity of reporters and operators. (in Armenaian)


In the following days, HCAV also made crime reports regarding use of violence against demonstrators and reporters. 


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