Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

Today, HCA Vanadzor made two reports based on publications on the use of violence against demonstrators

May 19, 2022


On 19 May 2022, Helsinki  Citizens’ Assembly - Vanadzor made a crime report based on a publication (How are policemen who beat minors in the police division going to look into the eyes of their children?)  made in news website (in Armenian). A separate report was made based on the following publications: “How policemen use brute force against young persons in Nor Nork division”, “When apprehending me, the policemen hit and broke my shoulder bone”, “In the police building, they used pressure, aggression, brute force against me, talked a disrespectful lexicon and voiced threats”, Vazgen Saghatelyan (in Armenian).


In crime reports presented to the RA Prosecutor General, HCAV claimed that measures be taken to conduct proper investigation into cases presented in the shared publications, initiate a criminal case if crime features are disclosed, find the responsible policemen and hold them liable. 


HCAV made crime reports on other cases of use of violence against demonstrators and media representatives on May 2 and May 5.


HCAV also made a report based on the publication about beating the elderly in Gyumri.


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