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Based on the application lodged by HCAV, the ECHR addresses questions to the Government of Azerbaijan regarding a serviceman taken captive

September 16, 2022

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Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor has already lodged two applications before the European Court of Human Rights regarding two persons taken captive as a result of Azerbaijan’s attack against the Republic of Armenia on 13 September 2022 and onwards.


The applications were lodged based on videos published in Azerbaijani websites, which clearly show how servicemen of the Republic of Armenia are being subjected to degrading treatment. In both cases, the servicemen were identified by their relatives in the published videos.


In the frame of one of the applications, the European Court of Human Rights has already addressed questions to the Government of Azerbaijan and set a deadline for response.


Just as during the 44-day war, HCAV now continues collecting data of missing persons and captives in order to work with the RA state authorities and international organizations, and to support protection of the rights of missing persons, captives, and their families.


During these days, we received dozens of applications regarding missing persons and captives. Based on this information, HCAV initiates processes by providing the information to international organizations, and lodging applications before the European Court of Human Rights based on facts in case of captives. All this contributes to the return of captives. 

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