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Due to the legal support provided by HCA Vanadzor, the elderly resident of Yerevan city will not be evicted from his flat

July 9, 2020

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70-year-old R.N., who resides i n Yerevan, will not have to leave his flat at least until the Court makes a judgment on his and his wife’s dispute around the flat. His neighbour alarmed to HCA Vanadzor about this back in April. It will be clear how the case progresses only after the Court’s judgment.


R.N.’s neighbour informed us that for several times policemen had tried to take the elderly man out of his flat by force. The reason is that in unknown conditions the flat was given to his ex wife’s advocate, who tried to throw R.N.’s belongings out of the flat and then also tried to take him out of the flat with the help of policemen, once the policemen took R.N. to the police division and then released him. While R.N. has several health problems and no other place to live in. 


Having received the alarm and having familiarised with the problem, HCA Vanadzor advocate Samson Galstyan undertook R.N.’s rights protection and made a petition to Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction to secure the claim. By this, the advocate asked to put under custody the real estate which is a matter of dispute, so that before the judgment of the Court, no-one except R.N. may be able to do actions regarding the flat. The Court upheld the petition. 


Factually, advocate T.H. took advantage of R.N.’s helpless situation and tried to deprive the citizen of his only residence place, which was prevented due to the strategy chosen by HCA Vanadzor.


HCA Vanadzor advocate Samson Galstyan records that by this, violation of one more individual’s inalienable rights was prevented, “Later, all the measures will be taken to discover all the illegal actions done in the frame of this case and to hold those guilty liable in the strictest manner prescribed by law”.


HCA Vanadzor will continue following the progress of the case.

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