Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

Statement of Civil Society Organizations on Suppression of Environmental Organizations, Individual Activists, Human Rights Defenders, Anti-democratic Processes and De-democratization Attempts in Armenia

February 7, 2024

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There has been pressure on environmental activists, environmental organizations, human rights activists, as well as residents of affected communities opposing harmful mining actions for a long time in the RA. It is manifested through hate speech, fake attacks with defamatory publications, and also speeches and interviews of state officials. Some mining companies, as well as their beneficiaries or circles serving their interests,  carry out campaigns  aimed at making up and disseminating fake agendas and stories claiming as if Armenian environmental organizations serve Azerbaijani interests. 

This fake campaign will reverse against themselves and the state in the future.

This aggressive campaign, which was launched against environmentalists - but, in reality, against dissatisfied residents of affected communities - makes it apparent that its authors are on same terms with fake environmental activists of the neighboring dictatorial country who closed down Lachin corridor and strangled a pigeon, and this campaign authors turn these fake environmental activists' nonsense into grounds for their campaign.  

Aliyev’s regime narratives regarding processes ongoing in our country, as well as new manipulation based on our years-long criticism against ruthless exploitation of natural resources in Armenia are unacceptable to us.



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