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Free legal support to servicemen and their relatives

January 9, 2024

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For more than 15 years, HCA Vanadzor has been protecting the rights of servicemen of the RA Armed Forces.


HCA Vanadzor is particularly focused on death cases caused by various reasons (suicide, murder, health problems, accidents, car crash, etc.), cases of degrading treatment, torture, health problems caused by improper medical service, as well as protection of rights of those affected by non-statutory relations. 


We hereby declare that in case of human rights violations during military service, servicemen and their relatives can apply to HCA Vanadzor to raise systemic problems and get free legal support.

You can contact us at:

 +374 93 11 16 15 (whatsapp, viber) Nazeli Movsesyan
+374 94 58 27 92 (whatsapp, viber) Anush Petrosyan

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